Exchange Program at University of Macau

The Department of Portuguese of Faculty of Arts and Humanities is delighted to invite your students to do an exchange program at University of Macau for the 1st (Fall) Semester 2018/19 and/or for the entire academic year 2018/19


Exchange Period

Nomination Deadline from Partner University

Online Application Deadline

Full Year

(mid August – mid May)

1 Mar 2018

1 Apr 2018* (tentative)

1st Semester (Fall)

1 Mar 2018

1 Apr 2018*(tentative)

2nd Semester (Spring)

1 Sep 2018 (tentative)

8 Oct 2018*(tentative)



Required documents for nomination: 
1) Academic Transcript in English which shows the accumulated GPA of the nominees;
2) Programme, major and Year of Study the nominees are applying
3) Course Selection Form (as per attached)
4) CV 

5) Contact Email

 Course offered by the University of Macau in 2017/2018 1st & 2nd semester: (for reference only)


Semester dates for 2018/2019:



Fall semester

22 August 2018 – 18 December 2018

Spring semester

7 January 2019 – 18 May 2019


Application: After the students pre-acceptence by our faculties, we will inform you regarding the online application soon after mid-March 2018.


For more information: 

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